Vienna Airport launches Bespoke’s AI chatbot service Bebot

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Vienna International Airport has launched artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot service Bebot at Vienna AirportCity.

The AI solution, developed by Japanese firm Bespoke, is designed as a communication tool for passengers. According to Bespoke, the AI chatbot service is already available at several airports, including Tokyo in Japan and Tampa in the US.

Vienna AirportCity visitors can use Bebot for queries related to Covid-19 and transportation, as well as to procure facility information and for directions in the area.

The solution is available on mobile or desktop to all users of Vienna AirportCity’s on-site Wi-Fi or the widget installed on the website.

Bebot will also help Vienna AirportCity to gain user insights and identify opportunities for improvements at the airport.

Bespoke founder and CEO Akemi Tsunagawa said: “We are thrilled to add Vienna AirportCity to our platform. Travellers across the world have told us how much they enjoy receiving instant and reliable information, and we are excited to make Bebot available in Europe for the first time.”

Vienna International Airport is the largest airport in Austria.

Recently, the airport opened the 26,000m² Office Park 4 at Vienna AirportCity. It offers working space for nearly 2,500 employees.

This comes more than three years after Flughafen Wien began planning work for the development of the new and advanced Office Park 4.

At the opening, Vienna City Councillor for Economic Affairs Peter Hanke said: “The new building sets new standards with respect to its office infrastructure and provides an impetus to growth for Vienna and the surrounding region.”

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