Hyderabad Airport to equip elevators with touchless technology

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Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in the Indian city of Hyderabad is set to equip all passenger elevators with touchless technology for passenger safety.

According to an Indian Express report, the GMR-operated airport will install infrared technology-based touchless elevator control systems that will enable operations with hand gestures.

The move follows a successful pilot project where one of the elevators at the departure level was equipped with the technology.

Users can wave near the sensor to call the elevator from any floor. Once inside, they can point to the particular floor number as a command to move to the designated floor.

The technology eliminates the need to use the conventional push-pull controls within the elevator.

GMR Hyderabad International Airport was quoted by the publication as saying in a press note: “The airport has developed an ingenious solution of touchless elevator control system, which is based on Infrared technology.

“The sensor can detect interaction from a distance of 0.1-10 cm from the button surface to enable users to make their selection with absolutely no physical contact.

“With the successful culmination of the pilot project, the airport is going ahead with enabling all passenger facing elevators across the airport terminal building for this automation.”

Notably, the move comes at a time when India’s Covid-19 tally is nearing five million.

In recent weeks, India accounted for the maximum share of new coronavirus cases in the world. The death toll in the country has also crossed 80,000.

In July, Hyderabad Airport introduced fully contactless car parking for passengers and visitors.

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